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Why Circular?

We are committed to being ethically and environmentally sustainable in all the ways our business operates. A large part of this is our mission is to produce high quality, lasting pieces that rise above the standard business model.

Welcome to our circular shop.

A program designed in partnership with Manymoons, to allow you to enjoy timeless pieces in various cycles of life. Shop our rescues - brand new, unworn pieces - or shop our re-loves and give our favorite items a renewed life. Wherever you shop Beaumont, thank you for working with us to help make the world a more whimsical and sustainable place.


Why We Rescue

We have partnered with Manymoons to further eliminate the additional outlying waste naturally contributed from our industry by filtering our rescued styles through our Circular Shop. These are brand new items with tags from aging collections. With Manymoon’s conscious retail efforts, we are able to give these items new homes and prolong utilization to its fullest extent.


Our Mission